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Interesting and Fun Stuff

Success overload? Well, here is some fun stuff to keep your mind occupied and to show off your success to others. Enjoy!


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Show off your success!

Controversial and Thought-Provoking

One way to:

  • broaden your horizons,
  • expose yourself to alternative viewpoints,
  • reinforce your own positions,
  • enhance your conversations, and
  • explore that which feeds the language of success

is to seek out other people’s commentary, viewpoints, and research.

The following links—an ever-expanding list as I learn of more material related to the topic of “talking white” and its related principles of success—are for you to explore as you see fit. I neither endorse nor support any of these links. They are items I find interesting and/or controversial and I think you will, too.

Please let me know if any of these links are no longer active. I check periodically, yet cannot keep track of everything all the time.


(Print this page and check-off the sites as you visit them. As the list grows longer, you need a way to keep track of what you’ve visited.)


Wisdom from Ms. Nannie Helen Burroughs: “12 Things the Negro Must Do for Himself


Communication, leadership, success, training, and other articles written by Sylvia


“Call to Action” written by Sylvia and published in the (Montgomery County MD) Gazette Newspaper after Maryland apologized for its role in slavery.
Title: “
We Got Apologies. Now What?


FX’s television docudrama - Black White (Ice Cube video and song “Did You Get Your Race Card?”)


CNN - “Acting White” video. CNN’s Carol Costello looks into a problem minorities face -- being labeled as 'acting white' (February 27, 2007)


“Curtis” comic strip, by Ray Billingsly.
Series of 3 4-panel comic strips published June 2007. Topic: Losing an acting part because girl was not deemed “black enough”.


Sylvia’s radio interview - WVIE 1370AM/Baltimore, MD
WomanTalk Live! w/hosts Ginny Robertson and Ann Quasman
About the book “Why You Talk So White?”
and Sylvia’s success equation


Sylvia’s radio interview - WTBQ/Florida, NY.
The Frank Truatt Show. About the book “Why You Talk So White?”.


This bird loves to dance! Is this “actin’ black” instead of “talkin’ white”?
Cockatoo dancing —> bird rescue site.
This is a stitch!!! It will [should] make you smile.,,668411,00.html$3209 9











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