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“I teach people to stop griping & sniping and start growing & succeeding in their personal and professional lives.”
Sylvia Henderson

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Sylvia Henderson - Bio (PDF)

Sylvia Henderson - Trade Info (PDF)
(Book: “Why You Talk So White? Eliminate the Behaviors that Sabotage Your Success”)

Sylvia Henderson - AP Release (PDF)

Sylvia Henderson - Broadcast Release (PDF)

Tips Sheet - First Impressions (Sylvia Henderson) (PDF)

Tips Sheet - 10 Tips for Clear Communications
(Sylvia Henderson) (PDF)

Tips Sheet - 5 Tips for Communicating in Stressful Situations (Sylvia Henderson) (PDF)

Tips Sheet - Job Interview Gaffs
For both interviewee/candidate and interviewer
(Sylvia Henderson)

Tips Sheet - Do’s and Don’ts When Dining With the Boss (Sylvia Henderson) (PDF)

Tips Sheet - 5 Mistakes That Prevent Interns From Landing—And Keeping—Jobs (Sylvia Henderson) (PDF)

Quiz - Does Your Behavior Sabotage Your Success? (PDF)

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Sylvia’s made the following media appearances directly related to her book Why You Talk So White? Eliminate the Behaviors That Sabotage Your Success.






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