It's Your Choice. You Choose.

“I teach people to stop griping & sniping and start growing & succeeding in their personal and professional lives.”
Sylvia Henderson

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It’s Your Choice. You Choose.
(Success Language)

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When you look in the mirror and let out a sigh
When you think of your life and your work and ask, “Why?”
You can seek your fulfillment or just sit and wait.
It’s your choice. You choose the path you create.



You can do what you always do; be who you are.
You can get up and do more; reach your shining star.
You can think someone owes you or step up to pay.
It’s your choice. You choose your outcome today.



If you reap what you sow and you get what you give.
Though they’re tired clichés they can guide how you live.
Success is achieving the goals you define.
It’s your choice. You choose. Success language, align.



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