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Success Poem / Song Lyrics
(C) Sylvia Henderson

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Poem / Song Lyrics Written by Sylvia Henderson
© Sylvia Henderson. All rights reserved.


S-U-Double C -E- Double S.
Throughout our lives we strive
To reach a state we can’t define.
How, then, do we arrive?

“Be motivated to achieve
Success in life”, they say.
And most of us buy into it
And seek to find our way.
We learn the masters’ teachings,
From Zig and Og and such.
We strive to see them at the top.
Eight habits? There’s so much!

When I was just a little tyke
My parents did instill
The message that I had to be
The best, and that I will
Work twice as hard as all the rest
Just to be judged as equal.
Live to the fullest for today;
Don’t wait to live life’s sequel.

If we step back and look within
Ourselves I think we’ll find
The essence of the experts’ words
That reach the heart and mind
Is that “SUCCESS” is personal,
Defined by each our own.
With actions spanning all our lives.
That’s how success is known.

Transition, next, to young adult;
My future to unfold.
The time had come to practice all
That I’d been taught and told.
More times than not I found them true.
The key was goals and action;
To not give up. To try again.
Maintain a forward traction.

(Chorus at the end)

S-U- Double C -E- Double S.
Throughout our lives we strive
To reach that state we must define.
And then we can arrive.

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