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I teach people to stop griping & sniping and start growing & succeeding in their personal and professional lives.
Sylvia Henderson

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Employers and Decision-Makers

Your Situational Checklist

Physically print this page and check-off the conditions that apply to your current employee situation (or just mentally check them off right here).


Regularly miss time commitments.


Arrive late / leave early (without explicit approval to do so).


Take above-average sick or personal time.


Speak poorly in business and professional situations.


Have limited command of complex language (American English) skills.


Seem to have poor attitudes toward work.


Multi-task without accurate focus on any one thing.


Take frequent breaks during the day.


Congregate in closed groups at every opportunity.


Dress or present selves inappropriately.


Roll eyes or otherwise show disapproval when asked to do more.


Show poor social skills when in public forums.


Make excuses for personal responsibility when things go wrong.

If you checked-off more than one or two items as they pertain to your employees, contact me immediately.

What YOU can't tell them, I can!

Let's work together to change attitudes and behaviors through:

  • Individual copies of "Why You Talk So White?" for each employee.
  • Facilitated workshops (training sessions) for your entire staff or organization.
  • Keynote openers or closers at your annual meeting, national conference, or regional sales programs.

Invest in your business or organizational success by investing in your people's productivity.


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