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“I teach people to stop griping & sniping and start growing & succeeding in their personal and professional lives.”
Sylvia Henderson

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A Century Earlier...

Similar Guidance for Success, from Nannie Helen Burroughs
“12 Things the Negro Must Do for Himself”

Nannie Helen Burroughs

Read this. (Direct link to text.)

Then, read the Success Card and “Why You Talk So White?

You will be amazed at how the wisdom of today was the wisdom of yesterday.

Note: I knew nothing of Nannie Helen Burrough’s book when I wrote mine. I am astounded at the discovery! This proves to me that the principles of success span race, status, and time.

More on Nannie Helen Burroughs

  • Photograph
  • Autobiographical Writing - Library of Congress
  • Biography - African-American Registry
  • Women’s Day article
  • Nannie Helen Burroughs School - Washington, DC

  • Personal Acknowledgement: My deepest thanks to Mr. Gary Johnson, of Black Men in America.com, for discovering the book “12 Things”, notifying me of his discovery, and posting the text for the world to honor.

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