“I teach people to stop griping & sniping and start growing & succeeding in their personal and professional lives.”
Sylvia Henderson

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  • WTBQ-AM “The Frank Truatt Show (Florida, NY)


  • WILM 1450 “Newstalk AM” - John Watson (Wilmington, DE)


  • WUCO-AM 680 The Fan - Greg Jordan (Atlanta, GA)


  • WFOY 1240 “NewsTalk” - Kevin Leslie (St. Augustine, FL)


  • KION-AM 1460 “Wake Up Monterey” - Mark Carbonaro (Monterey, CA)


  • WPHR “New Inspiration for the Nation” - George Kilpatrick (Syracuse, NY)


  • WGAU-AM News Talk - Barbara Dooley (Athens, GA)


  • WINA 1070 ”News Magazine” - Jay James (VA)


  • WJIM 1240 “The Big Show” - Michael Patrick Shiels (Lansing, MI)


  • WFTL-AM 850 “Mitchell & Morley in the Morning” - Russ Morley/Kelly Mitchell (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


  • Mix107.7-FM Morning News/Talk - Jamie and Haley
    (Stratford, ON Canada)
    Topic: National Time Management Month


  • WYOO-FM "Morning Show" - Burnie Thompson
    (Panama City, FL)


  • KTRS-AM PSA “Nothing But Truth” (Saint Louis, MO)


  • WORT-FM "8 O'Clock Buzz" - Stan Woodard (Madison, WI)


  • WAQY-FM Rock “Say What?”- Sarah Ryan (Springfield, MA)


  • INFOTRAK; Syndicated nationwide on 450 stations - Randy Meyer


  • WLTE-FM ( - Beth Kidd (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)


  • WOR Radio710 HD - “The Joey Reynolds Show” (New York, NY + syndication nationwide)


  • WVIE 1370AM “WomanTalk Live”, with Ann Quasman and Ginny Robertson (Baltimore, MD)
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