Cheyney University Student Convocation

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Cheyney University of PA Student Convocation
Keynote Speaker - September 17, 2007

Giving a keynote speech at Cheyney University was a thrill and honor for Sylvia Henderson because Cheyney is her Alma Mater. Sylvia graduated from Cheyney in 1974 with an Education degree. Her four years at the higher education institution were the best four years of her young life.

Sylvia walked onto Cheyney’s campus in 1970 as a 15-year-old freshman, the youngest freshman to graduate in four years as a just-turned-19-year-old in Cheyney’s history at that time. Returning to address the student body as an “old school” alumni in 2007 ran chills up and down Sylvia’s spine as she savored the full-circle return to her cherished Cheyney campus...albeit a much larger, more modern campus than the one she roamed “back in the day”.


Cheyney University of PA - Shield and Entrance Sign

“Old Quad”, what Sylvia remembers as the library (far right), staff offices (middle), and classrooms (far left) during her matriculation in 1970-1974.

Emlen Hall. One of the original buildings when the University was the Institute for Colored Youth. Built in 1904. First used as a women’s dormitory. Sylvia remembers this as the administrative offices of the President. It is currently the honors program dorm.










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